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2.19ct MT Sapphire

1930’s Platinum/Dia/Sapph Setting



0.35ctw Yogo Sapphire

18kw Filigree Setting



0.57ct MT Sapphire

14k Filigree Setting



0.65ct MT Sapphire,

14k, 0.08ctw Dia Melee



0.11ct Yogo Sapphire

14kw Filigree Setting



1.36ct MT Sapphire

18kr, 0.71ctw Dia Melee



2.42ct MT Sapphire

14k Filigree Setting



0.85ct MT Sapphire

18kw, *0.10ctw Dia Melee



0.50ct MT Sapphire

14kw , 0.10ctw Dia Melee



0.70ct MT Sapphire

14kw Vintage Filigree Setting



0.85ct MT Sapphire

14kr Dia Filigree Setting



Sapphire (Round/Baguette)

14kw Fligree Setting



Sapphire and Diamond Band




0.44ct MT Sapphire

14kw Filigree Setting



0.10ct Yogo Sapphire

14kw, 0.07ctw Dia Melee



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